Call Recorder: FAQ

How can I delete the recordings?

Please, tap on contact photo to select the records and then delete, share, etc…

What will happen with conversations recorded with Free version after installing the Pro version?

After installing the Pro:
– all the recordings from Free version should be imported to Pro. So you will be able to share them.
– all Settings will be set to default. So you have to:

  1. Check the settings in the Pro. Make sure they are the same as it was in Free.
  2. Turn off the recording in Free version or uninstall Free version (Free and Pro are conflicting to each other if running in the same time).

How can I play back recorded files on my PC?

There is a codec library that should be installed. Please, download and install it. It helps to play back the recorded files.

Call Recorder can’t play back the recorded conversation or doesn’t record opponent voice or you can hear only static during play back .

It means that recorded file is broken and can’t be restored. This is problem of recording driver that is included into firmware made by manufacturer of the phone. And we can’t fix this. There are few Settings that can help to go over this problem. So, please,  try to change Settings in the following order:

  1. AudioSource = PhoneLine, AudioChannel = Mono, RecordingQuality = Low
  2. AudioSource = Mic, AudioChannel = Mono, RecordingQuality = Low
  3. AudioSource = OpponentVoice, AudioChannel = Mono, RecordingQuality = Low
  4. AudioSource = OwnVoice, AudioChannel = Mono, RecordingQuality = Low
  5. AudioSource = PhoneLine, AudioChannel = Stereo, RecordingQuality = Low
  6. AudioSource = Mic, AudioChannel = Stereo, RecordingQuality = Low
  7. AudioSource = OpponentVoice, AudioChannel = Stereo, RecordingQuality = Low
  8. AudioSource = OwnVoice, AudioChannel = Stereo, RecordingQuality = Low

For some phones it works only with Speaker ON mode during conversation.

And If all of these did not help – then this forum thread might be helpful.

Call Recorder records only first 30 sec (or some minutes) of conversation.

In some phones it depends on phone setting:  “Screen Timeout” (or it can be similar to this). Please, try to set the value of it as big as possible.

“I lost my phone” or “Phone had a factory reset” or “I deleted some recordings”. Is it possible to restore the recordings?

All the records are stored only in the CallRecorder folder in the SD card of the phone. Selected record is deleted permanently from this folder when you delete it frpm application. For now, there is no way to restore it.

Why Call Recorder  request permissions?

Application request few permission that are used for:

  • android.permission.INTERNET : In Pro version it uses for DropBox synchronization. In Free version it uses for show Ads.
  • android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Uses for save recordings into the SD card of the phone.
  • android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE : Uses for knowing when call is started.
  • android.permission.READ_CONTACTS: Uses for getting contact name by phone number from adress book.