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Call Recorder

Simple Call Recorder application that has an ability to:

  • Records all your phone calls.
  • Playback recordings.
  • Delete recordings.
  • Lock recordings to prevent from deleting.
  • Share recordings (only in Pro version).
  • Synchronize all recordings with your Dropbox account (only in Pro version).
  • Synchronize all recordings with your Google Drive account (only in Pro version).
  • Manage storage for your recordings.
  • Protect your recordings by passcode.

Recorded files are avialable in the CallRecorder direcory in the SD card of your phone.

If you want to have it in your language and ready help with translation – you are welcome! Please, contact me.

Some phones does not support recording from the phone line. So this application wont work. The list of non supported devices will be updating.

Also, please, take a look at FAQ page.


This application does not work for some phones. So, please, try our free version, first. If free version does not work for your phone – don’t waste your money for buying Pro!


Translation credits: Thanks everyone who has contributed to Call Recorder!

  • Arabic: Abdullah Al-Jaser
  • Chinese (Simpilified): Ye Wei
  • Chinese (Traditional): Ye Wei
  • Dutch: Emilièn Renaux
  • Hungarian: David Ivanitzki
  • Korean: Sang Gu Bach
  • Polish: Tetiana Polishchuk
  • Portuguese (Brazilian): Phabyano Miranda

device0 device1 device2 device3 device4 device5 device6 device7 device8 device9 device10 device11 device12 device13

10 thoughts on “Call Recorder

  1. I tried Call Recorder on my HTC Amaze. I can only hear my side of the conversation on the “phone line” audio source. I was unable to play the audio files with the “mic” audio source. It appears my phone is not a supported device…. too bad. Hopefully this can be fixed.

  2. will upgrading to pro version delete or alter my previous recorded conversations from the free version?

  3. Hi, I have a problem of listening to the calls which I have recorded. It’s a .mp4. My phone which was Samsung Galaxy S said that it didn’t play this kind of format. So I moved those .mp4 to my macbook air and attempted to play them. I’ve tried lots of different players but none of them worked. It’s the format problem. So can you please tell me what can I do about this?

    • It might be 2 reasons:
      1. If you have both: Pro and Free version running in your phone in the same time you should delete the Free one. It might help.
      2. If you have only one version running then it creates brocken file. It’s because it can not do recording but can create files. So Call recorder does not work in this case and you should try to change the settings.

  4. I accidentally deleted a call, a very important call that my lawyer needs. Is there ANY way to get that call back? Please, I am desperate!!!

    • Unfortunalelly, it’s not possible from the CallRecorder. But you can try to find some tool that can restore deleted files from you SD card. All files are stored in CallRecorder folder in the root of the SD card.

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