Call Recorder: Usage Terms and Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and personal data, and this Privacy Policy sets out the basis on which we will process any information we collect from you, or that you provide to us. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully so that you understand how we treat your personal information.

Personal Information

Call Recorder never collect the actual personal information. Personal information is the information that identifies you or any other person, such as the information which states your First Name, Last Name, Physical Addresses, Telephone, Fax, SSN, and other information stored within your device.

Data Collection

We collect Personal Data you voluntarily provide to us, like your name and email address, when you contact us via email or report a problem in our mobile app.

The App may also collect non-personally identifiable information through Google Analytics, such as settings, the version of the app, information about firmware and other non-personally identifiable information. This is important to ensure the correct functioning of the App, its further improvements and bug fixing.

Record audio

Call recorder uses your phone’s microphone and call audio source to record calls. It does not transfer any audio or voice data to us or to any third party.

Phone storage access

Call Recorder uses access to the phone storage to save recorded files. It does not transfer any audio or voice data to us or to any third party.

Manage phone calls

Call Recorder has access  to your phone calls. It is used to start recording when phone call is started and stop it when phone call is finished. It does not make any calls and does not transfer any call information to any third party.

Contacts access

Call Recorder uses your contacts information to display contact name instead of phone number. Call Recorder does not transfer any contact data to us or to any third party.


Call Recorder uses Google’s mobile advertising platform AdMob and fully complies with their privacy and the developer’s policy. Call Recorder Premium version is ads free.


Call Recorder uses Google Analytics to collect information about how many people install and use it. Analytics data helps us to improve the app. Collected information is neither personally identifiable nor contains personal information.


You are not to use Call Recorder in any way that might be illegal or unlawful under local and international laws. You must remove Call Recorder from your phone if you have any doubts.
You are responsible to check legality of call recording in your country and remove Call Recorder if it is not permitted by law.

Limited Liability

You accept that we (Clever Mobile including developer(s), owner(s), contractor(s), director(s), providers and apps) do not have any sort of liability what so ever for anything that may arise from the use of our properties including our apps and/or our communications apart from the Premium version fee you may have paid.


We will do anything we can to fix issues you might have with Call Recorder. Unfortunately call recording on Android depends on the phone and Android version.

– We might not be able to solve the issue if you upgrade to a new Android version which might have call recording issues.
– We might not be able to solve the issue if you change your phone to a different one.


We may from time to time change this Usage Terms and Privacy Policy. If it is changed we will post the new version on our web site, we recommend that you revisit it from time to time to know the newest version.