Image AI: Changelog

Version 0.9 – 6.12.2023

1. Added possibility to select the image Aspect Ratio.
2. Changes to the Ad behaviour to follow AdMob terms of usage.
3. Resolved bug with the Seed parameter – Fixed Seed do not work.
4. Minor fixes with translations.

Version 0.81 – 26.11.2023

Added Seed parameter for image generation. This parameter allows a user to create images more deterministically. The seed guides the image. Using the same seed as a previous image without changing other parameters will guide to reproduce the same image.

UI fixes.

Version 0.8 – 21.11.2023

Voice to Text functionality added to the prompt field.

Introducing a new parameter: “Guidance scale” – Higher values result in a stricter adherence to your prompt. The default value is 7, striking a balance between creative freedom and adherence to your direction.

Changelog is now accessible from the Info Screen.

Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Version 0.61 – 15.11.2023

Fixed Paging Implementation. Improved performance. Gallery grid scrolls more smoothly and performs better.

Version 0.6 – 14.11.2023

Added Gallery that displays all the created images.
New parameters for image creation:

  • Negative prompt: Specify what you do not want to see in the image.
  • Enhance prompt switch: When activated, it adds extra words to the prompt to make the image look more interesting.