Call Recorder Key

Starting from ver 6.7 Call Recorder Pro was renamed to Call Recorder Key app and can not be used for recording phone calls any more. Please install Call Recorder free version if you do not have it yet.

Call Recorder free include paid functionality that is deactivated by default. If you purchased the Call Recorder Pro app you are still Premium user and will be able to use all paid functionality from Call Recorder free app:

  • removed advertisement banner
  • Notification dialog after each call “Save this call?”
  • Auto upload recordings to Dropbox or Google Drive

Google has a new permission policy that denies PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS and READ_CALL_LOG permissions:

That means that Call Recorder app will not be able to read phone number during the call. Call recording feature will still be working as before the only difference that all hidden recordings have to be renamed manually to be able to display contact information.

New version without read phone number permissions will be published on March 8. If you have auto updates enabled on the Google Play Store the app will be automatically updated. Disable auto updates if you want to keep the older version.

New google policy applies only to Google Play store. So we published an app that include those permissions to Google Drive and other app stores like SamsungAptoide.

Simple and easy to use audio recorder/dictaphone app with high quality recording:

  • Supports mp3 and wav file formats.
  • Easy to use start stop and pause recording functions.
  • Select, delete multiple recordings.
  • Rename or add note to recordings.
  • Lock recordings – prevent recordings to be deleted by mistake via the app.
  • Play back recordings by using internal player or any other installed external media player app.



The Free and Pro versions are two apps with almost the same code inside and it takes a lot of time to update the same thing twice..
So better to spend this time on making testing and deliver more quality product then check if everything was copied correctly and then again testing it twice. It’s slowing down the development process. That is the first reason.
Also there some technical aspects – a lot of users have problems to get their recordings from Free version to Pro. For some cases importing is not working… So the best way is to upgrade the Free version with all remaining recordings to have all the functionality from Pro. And that is how it will work now.
Pro version was born a long time ago when in app purchase was not implemented by google. But now it’s time to change it and make it better.
We understand users of Pro version concern, that it’s confusing. But we just want to make the app better. And this is the best way to develop and support the app in the future.
You need Pro version just for activating additional functionality in Free. Then you can delete it and use the Free app without ads and with all the functionality from Pro version. By the view of functionality you will have the same app but with better quality and even more features.
New users will have to buy the Pro functionality as it was before. Just only change that they will have to use in app purchase inside the app.

New in version 7.5

1. Updated UI and launch icon.
2. Added dark theme.
3. Fixed problem with incoming call during conversation.
4. Added possibility to add, edit, delete note to the recording.
5. Improved search functionality. Added search by notes.
6. Added possibility to dial number from the app.
7. It’s possible to enable premium functionality inside the app. No need to install separate app.