• in progress – and will go to NEXT app release
  • implementation is not started – will go to future releases

Call Recorder

  • Remove Upgrade to Premium menu after purchase.
  • Do not record calls with duration less then selected time in sec.
  • Pause playback on incoming call.
  • Add check if there is not enough space to record – Send notification to clean up the storage, to be able to record.
  • Implement export for file which will have a structure : recording file name ->  note (When I copy the recordings to my USB drive i would like to know if there is a way I can also copy a kind of log of the notes related to each file. Something like two columns. One with the name of the recording file and another column with the note.)
  • Check possibility to upload to Google Team Drive.
  • Add auto detect settings for the phone functionality.
  • Add contact name to recorded file name.
  • Fingerprint unlock in addition to pin code
  • Option to play with Phone speaker or Main (loud) speaker. You can also use the proximity sensor to set the audio output.
  • Cut recording track from the app.
  • Add MS Onedrive
  • Filter: do not (or do only) record from contact (so it won’t record anyone I know, but only strangers that call me or if I’m calling another company for example).
  • Also needs option to automatically send copy to email. Also needs REAL feedback button NOT just Rate Me
  • Transfer recordings from one phone to another .
  • Add manual upload to cloud.

Volume Control

  • Update user interface to be looks more modern by using Material design patterns
  • Change behavior of Pro version to be only license and be able activate the premium function on Free app
  • Rewrite Do not disturb to meet Android 7 requirements.
  • Add feature: All events which require my phone to be put on silent are in my calendar set as busy. So I already have a schedule on my phone. Is it possible to integrate the built in schedule with the app?


Shake Me

  • Change Settings text size (use standard FragmentPref)