Call Recorder: License information

Call Recorder Pro (starting from ver 6.6) will no longer be updated by new functionality but will be working like a license activator to enable premium features for standard Free version.

It still will be working as before, but without new features like:

  • New UI with possibility to switch between Light and Dark themes
  • Notes for recordings. Add, edit, remove notes and search by notes.
  • Dial number from recording.
  • and more that will be adding in the next releases.

So it is recommended to install standard free version and restore your license there.

In this way:

  • We want to decrease our resources we spend for supporting 2 applications. That will give us more time to work on app quality.
  • Upgrade process will be more simple. The new users will no longer need to go through migration process from standard Free version to the Pro one.

If you are a current user of the Pro version and want to activate premium functionality, please, do these steps:

  1. Go to to Google Play and install standard Free version by using this link.
  2. Open it and select Upgrade to Premium menu
  3. Then press RESTORE LICENSE button.
  4. After license is restored you can delete the Pro version if you want to.

If you did not purchased the Pro version but want to activate premium functionality then:

  1. Select Upgrade to Premium menu
  2. Then press BUY button and go through purchasing process.