Ver 0.6 is ready

Added Gallery that displays all the created images.

New parameters for image creation:

  • Negative prompt: Specify what you do not want to see in the image.
  • Enhance prompt switch: When enabled, it adds extra words to the prompt to make the image more interesting.

And a lot of small improvements and bug fixes.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new application, Image AI. This application is designed to create images from text using artificial intelligence, making it easier than ever to generate visuals from your written content. Explore the power of AI with Image AI and bring your words to life through stunning imagery.

Call Recorder Key

Starting from ver 6.7 Call Recorder Pro was renamed to Call Recorder Key app and can not be used for recording phone calls any more. Please install Call Recorder free version if you do not have it yet.

Call Recorder free include paid functionality that is deactivated by default. If you purchased the Call Recorder Pro app you are still Premium user and will be able to use all paid functionality from Call Recorder free app:

  • removed advertisement banner
  • Notification dialog after each call “Save this call?”
  • Auto upload recordings to Dropbox or Google Drive

New in version 7.5

1. Updated UI and launch icon.
2. Added dark theme.
3. Fixed problem with incoming call during conversation.
4. Added possibility to add, edit, delete note to the recording.
5. Improved search functionality. Added search by notes.
6. Added possibility to dial number from the app.
7. It’s possible to enable premium functionality inside the app. No need to install separate app.


Everyone can contribute to our projects by translating them into your own language.  It’s, now easy to do just by using new translation service. Please visit the link. Select the project you want and suggest your translation.

Due to changes in Dropbox API: The synchronization is deprecated now in Dropbox. More you can read here

We are working on including new Dropbox API into Call Recorder Pro so it would work as before.

It will be available in the next app update (Call Recorder Pro ver 4.5 )  that will be available from 06.06.2016

Sorry for inconvenience.