In this version were fixed a lot of issues related to the phone recording. Furthermore were added few additional options:

  • Audio Source. Phone line (by default) or microphone. For those phones were recording does not work it can be option to use Microphone and then turn on the speaker during the call.
  • Audio channel. Some phones does not support stereo recording. So this also might help.
  • Recording quality. The better quality chosen the biggest size of recorder file and more memory resources are using by the app. So if your phone rebooting itself during the call – please try with lees quality. (This option actually  does not work for some phones and by default. And does not have any impact).
  • File format. 3GPP (by default) or MP4.

If your phone works fine by default after installing this version you should not care about new settings 🙂

1. Fixed bunch of bugs. Now it works more stable.

2. Added Ads. We need it for supporting and developing the application. In the future we plan release paid version without Ads and add some more additional features. and update the UI.

3. Added function of automatic cleaning SD card.


Call RecorderHoooray! New application for recording all calls has been published to the market.

Simple Call Recorder application that has an ability to:
– Records all your phone calls
– Play/Stop recorded audio by touch on the item
– Delete recorded item by long touch on the item

– Enable/Disable call recording
– Enable/Disable notifications

It’s the first version that will be improved by nice UI and few additional functions.